NYC for Resolute Square Launch November 2022
Content Graphs

Resolute Square Launches, from The Lincoln Project, powered by Data Graphs for speed to market

November 8, 2022
2 mins
We are pleased to announce the launch of Resolute Square, a project by The Lincoln Project team, using Data Graphs as a Content Graph media platform: CMS, VOD, DAM, SSV, SCV & MDM, all in one knowledge graph.

We are pleased to announce the launch of Resolute Square, a pro-democracy media organization from The Lincoln Project team, using Data Graphs to provide its knowledge graph -powered Linked Media Platform.
We will publish more detail about the technology in future posts.

Why did Resolute Square choose Data Graphs?

Firstly, Data Graphs enabled the team to combine:

  1. CMS - Content Management System.
  2. VOD - Video on Demand.
  3. DAM - Digital Asset Management.
  4. SSV - Single Subject View.
  5. SCV - Single Customer View.
  6. MDM - Master Data Management.
  7. EPG - Programme Scheduling for integrated live streaming experiences.

... all in one knowledge graph.
This enabled the project to launch quickly, with an enterprise media publishing platform, complete with powerful APIs, subscription, without the need to integrate 4+ vendor solutions for this central purpose. Speed to Market!

Secondly, this approach enables the Resolute Square team to interlink its media in order to deliver rich user experiences, and to innovate and pivot rapidly on an API-first platform. This kind of capability represents a very nimble Content Graph as an integrated platform; projects normally need to pin together several separate services to achieve this.

The Knowledge Graph combines Single Customer View, and Single Subject View, and Creative Works

The domain model joins Creative Works with People, Places, Organisations, and the Politics domain, PLUS the Single Customer View "User" model.

Another innovation in this project - Low Latency Interactive Video Streaming

The Resolute Square platform also includes an innovative ultra-low-latency participatory live video streaming experience, provided by our friends at Perfogram.
More soon!