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Data Language AI is our suite of industry-beating AI products - engineered to be scalable, explainable, and production ready.

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Scalable, Explainable, Evolvable
Data Language AI is a set of products that use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accelerate and automate key processes in managing data. Our Text AI Services provide production ready text analytics, and our Explainable AI Platform provides transparency for complex predictive analytics.
Our AI SaaS AI Products are production ready. We have taken care of the scalable engineering for you.
Our Explainable AI Platform is a market leader in transparent expert decision support and specialized predictive analytics.
Our AI Services are designed to adapt rapidly as your business needs change, with model training automation taken care of.
Rapid to Launch
Our AI SaaS Products are ready to launch. Don't get stuck in the lab - get to production rapidly.
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We’ve engineered our AI products to enable businesses to get AI safely to production.
Fabio Colasanti - Head of Data
Get AI into production, rapidly
According to Gartner Inc, only 53% of projects make it from artificial intelligence (AI) prototypes to production. We can help avoid the common issues.