Explainable AI Platform
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Explainable AI Platform

Answer complex questions in computer vision, media classification and data analysis.

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Provide explainability at scale, rapidly
Our Explainable AI Platform provides insightful decision support using mixed media and data predictive analytics, a specialized area where Data Language leads the way.
Answers Complex Questions
We orchestrate ensembles of predictive analytics models to answer complex questions
Production Ready
The AI and ML engineering and scaling is done for you: DevOps, DataOps and ModelOps
Designed to be rapidly evolvable, so that you can adapt to new scenarios with ease
The ML model ensembles provide a transparent decomposition of each decision
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Achieve high accuracy, agility and explainability for use cases that require specialized predictive analytics
Fabio Colasanti - Head of Data
Get AI into production, rapidly
According to Gartner Inc, only 53% of projects make it from artificial intelligence (AI) prototypes to production. Use our AI products to avoid the common pitfalls and unforeseen difficulties in ModelOps, DataOps and DevOps.