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Explainable AI Platform

Our specialist Explainable AI Platform orchestrates suites of predictive analytics models to answer complex questions in computer vision, media classification and data analysis.

It uses ‘layers’ of ensemble machine learning models to make these deductions. For example to predict the likelihood of:

  • a social video being extremist in nature, or
  • a certain movie script or video meeting a relevant film classification.

Our platform is a response to the expensive-to-produce, expensive-to-maintain, difficult to maintain selection of current products on the market, which resemble ‘black boxes’ with limited transparency as to the predictions made…

By contrast, our Explainable AI platform is extremely scalable – and the insights into how predictions are made – are clear!

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Our Explainable AI Platform enables specialized prediction and rapid evolvability, and scales out of the box to meet your needs.
Explainable AI Platform
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