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Data Language AI is our suite of intuitive AI SaaS products that generic AI services cannot beat.
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Text AI Services

Our Text AI services use machine learning to make tagging, auto classification and content recommendations both easy and efficient.

They dramatically reduce the time, cost and complexity of organising your text content. The data science, difficult engineering and scaling are all taken care of.

SaaS Services

These SaaS services come with powerful APIs for immediate integration:

  1. AI Text Classification - classify your content using your taxononmies
  2. AI Entity Extraction - document level and inline
  3. AI Recommendations - fully automated content recommendations


The real advantage with our Text AI services, is that they dynamically spin up new models as they are needed, without the need for any data scientist!

As fully managed SaaS products, our Text AI services are:

  1. Easy to integrate
  2. Language agnostic
  3. Use your own vocabularies
  4. Self-optimise on the fly, independent from your workflow!
Our Text AI SaaS Services solve the common AI pain points in Text Classification, Entity Extraction, and Content Recommendations.
Text AI Services
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