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Data Moments is our structured data video moment product. It activates key moments in video and creates experiences to increase video reach, engagement, and brand activation.
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Data Moments

The last decade has seen an explosion in video content creation.

But with video now everywhere, much of the potential value of that video is lost.

Companies are increasingly looking for solutions to make their video content more discoverable to their customers and more attractive to their advertisers.

Data Moments is the next evolution in video marketing

Using Data Moments, we maximise the potential of key moments in your video and in turn creates 2 key advantages:

  1. Your video now has many completely new SEO opportunities - one for every moment meaning your users can find each video moment via a Google search.
  2. While conventional video advertising can be both disruptive and irrelevant, Data Moments allows brand activation at a logical time, creating opportunities for sponsors or advertisers provide    users in a video with what they want, when they want it.

And of course, measuring your ROI is essential. All these results can be viewed by you when you attach Data Moments to your video content.

The long and short of it, Data Moments can turn your passive video viewers into valuable high-intent users.

Data Moments
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